These are resources I refer to frequently or which help with a specific topic like Covid-19 decontamination. Currently they are listed in the order I find them. Even though some of the links at the top are less relevant with advances in understanding Covid-19, I’m keeping them for reference.

I tweet frequently about Covid-19, too.

COVID-19 Worldwide Dashboard

There are many COVID-19 status sites. I like this one because a 17-yo Seattle area high school student set it up in December 2019, before the Chinese even reported COVID-19 to WHO. It scrapes status sites around the world and updates once a minute.

Food Safety

This guide covers not only food safety, but also how to protect against the COVID-19 virus in general. COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system, not the digestive system.

“[R]espiratory viruses reproduce along the respiratory tract—a different pathway than the digestive tract food follows when you swallow it. And while you might say that you just inhaled that salad, more likely you ate it with a fork and swallowed it.”

I wrote about the protocol I use to decontaminate food I bring into my apartment in the 26 March 2020 entry. Read up and find a protocol that works for you.

The Hammer and the Dance

What options do governments in the face of a COVID-19 epidemic? Quite a few, it turns out. However there is one option that, in the absence of extensive early testing, has the best outcome in terms of both public health and the health of the economy. This article calls it the “hammer,” but you know it as a lockdown.

IBM / Weather Channel Covid-19 Dashboard

This dashboard is easy to navigate and provides historical and trend view of worldwide Covid-19 statistics.

NYU ICU Physician Discusses Covid-19 Protection

Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City is an ICU physician. This is his useful (and 1 hour long) tutorial on Covid-19 including infection, symptoms, treament, and protection. His advice boils down to:

  • clean your hands
  • be aware of where your hands are and keep them off your face
  • wear a general purpose mask – you don’t need an N95 mask
  • keep distance from others and avoid sustained contact in close quarters with people who might be infected
  • if you feel short of breath, go to the hospital

NIH Covid-19 clinical study list

A database of the hundreds of Covid-19 clinical studies with information about each study’s purpose, organizer, and stage.

National University of Singapore Covid 19 Science Reports

The Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health presents emerging Covid-19 science reports for researchers, policymakers, and regional colleagues.

The reports are based on searches of research databases, relevant journals, science reports and expert comment. New research is added regularly and is clearly marked as new.

Categories include Clinical Characteristics, Diagnostics, Treatments, Vaccines, Containment Measures, and Social Distancing and Lockdowns.

Amazon AWS Covid-19 public data lake

Large data sets differentiate the Covid-19 pandemic from previous epidemics. This data lake provides researchers everywhere with Covid-19 data for big data analysis and machine learning.

Rt Covid-19

A record of R values for each US state. Rt is the average number of people who become infected by an infectious person. If Rt is above 1.0, the virus will spread quickly. When Rt is below 1.0, the virus will stop spreading.

In the Pipeline

Derek Lowe’s commentary on drug discovery and the pharma industry. Useful for reasoned insights on Covid-19 treatments and vaccines.

The Covid Tracking Project

A volunteer effort to track the number of Covid-19 tests in the US, including test results.

Stat Covid-19 Drugs and Vaccines Tracker

Someone had to do it. Two lists, one for all the treatments under development, another for all the vaccines under development. The good news is that there is a lot of Covid-19 development!

Our World in Data

Great info on Covid-19 cases, mortality, and testing by country. Easy to make comparisons between countries, too.

BioCentury Covid-19 Clinical Trial Dashboard

There are hundreds of Covid-19 clinical trials for treatments and vaccines. BioCentury provides updates to trial status and timelines.

A status on each country’s Covid-19 response categorized by whether a country is beating the virus, nearly there, or need to take additional action.


A Covid-19 status check for each state in the US, from having an outbreak to containing the virus.

ProPublica Coronavirus Page

Covid-19 trends for US states and territories including changes in positive tests, percentage of tests that are positive, number of tests administered ICU bed availability, and number of hospital admissions for flu-like symptoms.

European effective R estimates from ETH Open Source project

Theoretical Biology Group at ETH Zurich maintains an Open Source project to estimate the effective reproductive number (Re) for countries in Europe.

The Covid Monitor

After Florida fired data scientist Rebekah Jones, she noticed a lack of Covid-19 data for US school children. The Covid Monitor tracks Covid-19 cases in every US school district.

Covid-19 Vaccine Allocation Dashboard (US only)

Want to know how many doses of Covid-19 vaccine the federal government has allocated to your state? Here’s a handy dashboard.

Coronavirus in Catalonia (in English)

Daily Covid-19 statistics from the Catalan Health Department in easy to read charts presented by Catalan News.


This is the first Covid-19 wastewater effort I’ve seen. University of California Merced provides a summary in map form of Covid-19 wastewater monitoring efforts.

Bloomberg Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

Comprehensive Covid-19 vaccine statistics including development timelines, contracts, distribution, and inoculations. Detail for inoculation counts by country and region.

Reuter’s Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

This vaccine tracker shows development stage for about 15 Covid-19 vaccines as well as order status.

Covid-19 Projections

MIT trained data scientist Youyang Gu maintains this site for US Covid-19 modeling. Youyang stopped providing Covid-19 prediction in the Fall 2020. Now his data analysis considers how the US achieves herd immunity. I wish I’d found it sooner and I wish it was worldwide.

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