7 February 2021 – Sunday – #133

A couple of weeks ago, I reported that my friend M. was in self-imposed isolation after exposure to someone who subsequently tested positive for Covid-19. M. was sure he had Covid-19 because he spent two hours in a confined space with the other person, although the symptoms he reported to me were mild to non-existent.Continue reading “7 February 2021 – Sunday – #133”

31 January 2021 – Sunday – #132

Here’s a sample of how Barcelona is suffering during the current Covid-19 restrictions. This is actually my contribution to Covid-19 misinformation. The photo does not present a typical January day in Barcelona. The weather most of this month has been cloudy and in the single digits (centigrade), so a representative January photo would show anContinue reading “31 January 2021 – Sunday – #132”

24 January 2021 – Sunday – #131

Most of the Covid-19 news is in the US this week, but Covid-19 also has its share of news in Spain, Catalonia, and Barcelona. The door on the corner Catalan restaurant Can Saia has been closed all week with a handwritten sign that reads “Closed until further notice, sorry for the inconvenience.” I’m hopeful, ofContinue reading “24 January 2021 – Sunday – #131”