17 January 2021 – Sunday – #130

Mom got her first Covid-19 vaccination. She reports no side effects. That makes me happy. I’m starting to notice other signs that Covid-19 vaccinations are happening in the wild. For instance, details are emerging on how each of the counties in the San Franscisco bay area will administer Covid-19 vaccinations. I also got a noticeContinue reading “17 January 2021 – Sunday – #130”

10 January 2021 – Sunday – #129

Mom says she’s getting her Covid-19 vaccination next week. She lives in Oakland, so maybe California is getting its vaccine act together. I told Mom I’ll believe it after she gets the shot. Not that I don’t trust my mother, but the US Covid-19 vaccine rollout has been flawed and now it’s the last thingContinue reading “10 January 2021 – Sunday – #129”

3 January 2021 – Sunday – #128

The weather was a meteorological metaphor this week, strong winds blowing incessantly the final days of the 2020 to clear the Covid-19 taint from the air, then a cool sprinkle on New Year’s Day to cleanse celebratory hangovers, and finally a blushing New Year’s Day sunset to set the stage for 2021. After sunset, IContinue reading “3 January 2021 – Sunday – #128”