2 August 2020 – Sunday – #106

On Friday, I looked at the Covid-19 new infection numbers in Catalonia. They were leveling off. Not as much as I’d hoped, but it seems that the government’s re-imposition of restrictions is keeping Covid-19 at bay for now. I decided to go ahead with a planned visit to friends in Canet de Mar yesterday. SuchContinue reading “2 August 2020 – Sunday – #106”

26 July 2020 – Sunday – #105

Covid-19 curtailed my travel plans for 2020. I wasn’t alone. As Covid-19 continues on and on, my travel plans continue getting smaller. I’m not alone in this, either. In March, Mom and I were discussing when I could visit her later in the year. By the middle of the lockdown in April, it wasn’t lookingContinue reading “26 July 2020 – Sunday – #105”

19 July 2020 – Sunday – #104

I was planning to travel to Sitges this weekend. Ana recommended a paella place. I’m dying to try the different kinds of Spanish paella. A friend was all set to join me. On Friday, at the very last second, just as I picked up the phone to test my Spanish skills making a reservation atContinue reading “19 July 2020 – Sunday – #104”