25 October 2020 – Sunday – #118

When I moved to Barcelona on the first of the year, I was looking forward to short flights from BCN to cities in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Covid-19 changed that plan. Wednesday, I took a three hour train ride with Henrique for a long weekend in Valencia. It’s my first time outContinue reading “25 October 2020 – Sunday – #118”

18 October 2020 – Sunday – #117

I decided I should cook my first Paella Valenciana before my first trip to Valencia next week. I wanted to have a clue about the cooking process before I order a paella in the city that invented it. Even though paella is from Valencia, Catalonia has adopted it. I don’t think that’s just because touristsContinue reading “18 October 2020 – Sunday – #117”

11 October 2020 – Sunday – #116

With so few tourists around, film crews are taking advantage of Barcelona’s quiet streets for exterior shots. Brad caught a crew shooting in the Born district. I post this to assure friends and family that, in spite of reports that Spain’s second wave of Covid-19 is the worst in Europe, Barcelona is not a seethingContinue reading “11 October 2020 – Sunday – #116”