14 March 2021 – Sunday – #138

This post marks the anniversary of Covid Diary BCN. I first posted on 16 March 2020, at the beginning of my self-isolation. I wrote for my sanity and to create a record of living during the Covid-19 pandemic—last March, it was still so early in the Covid-19 story that there were debates about whether Covid-19Continue reading “14 March 2021 – Sunday – #138”

7 March 2021 – Sunday – #137

Last week Brad had a “zero” birthday. We hosted a Covid-19 compliant birthday BBQ at Casa Solar. In my quest to learn how to cook Catalan cuisine, Joanmi helped me improvise a grill to roast calçots. Calçots are a cross between leeks and green onions. You roast them directly on the flames for about fiveContinue reading “7 March 2021 – Sunday – #137”

28 February 2021 – Sunday – #136

I had a dream this week that I wasn’t wearing a mask. Does that mean I can stop wearing a mask? Let’s review the current Covid-19 situation. A good source of current information is Dr. Tom Frieden. He’s posted Twitter threads through most of the pandemic as a way of compensating for the muzzled CDC.Continue reading “28 February 2021 – Sunday – #136”