8 April 2020 – Wednesday – #24

Seeing laundry out to dry is normal in Barcelona. It doesn’t matter what kind of neighborhood. I’ve used the secadora every time I’ve done my wash. It’s a bad American habit I haven’t been able to shake. Until yesterday. I finally hung my laundry out to dry yesterday. It was nice to watch it dry.Continue reading “8 April 2020 – Wednesday – #24”

4 April 2020 – Saturday – #20

I’m feeling better today for a number of reasons including sunny weather and a trip to the jug wine store yesterday. Also, I think Brad came up with the reason that all the stores are out toilet paper (see below). I’m so excited about that that I’m giving away my secret source of good, inexpensiveContinue reading “4 April 2020 – Saturday – #20”

3 April 2020 – Friday – #19

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and walked to his office. It felt great to get outside and stretch my legs. Here’s how quiet it was on Passeig de Gracia in the middle of the day. That’s the edge of the Gaudi Pedrera building on the right. It’s usually swamped with tourists, even in theContinue reading “3 April 2020 – Friday – #19”