9 April 2020 – Thursday – #25

The BCG vaccine may be the phoenix rising from the ashes of the unfolding hydroxychloroquine debacle. French and Swedish hospitals have stopped administering hydorxychloroquine due to risk of cardiac arrest. On the other hand, promising statistic on BCG vaccine are emerging. “BCG, or Bacillus Calmette-GuĂ©rin, is a vaccine for tuberculosis and is administered at birthContinue reading “9 April 2020 – Thursday – #25”

8 April 2020 – Wednesday – #24

Seeing laundry out to dry is normal in Barcelona. It doesn’t matter what kind of neighborhood. I’ve used the secadora every time I’ve done my wash. It’s a bad American habit I haven’t been able to shake. Until yesterday. I finally hung my laundry out to dry yesterday. It was nice to watch it dry.Continue reading “8 April 2020 – Wednesday – #24”

7 April 2020 – Tuesday – #23

Let’s start with data. Spain’s overall mortality report is useful for seeing Covid-19 deaths in relation to all deaths. Deaths have been far above normal for about a three week period starting just before the 15 March shutdown. The steep drop off at the end of this chart is due to regions that haven’t reported,Continue reading “7 April 2020 – Tuesday – #23”