9 April 2020 – Thursday – #25

The BCG vaccine may be the phoenix rising from the ashes of the unfolding hydroxychloroquine debacle. French and Swedish hospitals have stopped administering hydorxychloroquine due to risk of cardiac arrest. On the other hand, promising statistic on BCG vaccine are emerging. “BCG, or Bacillus Calmette-GuĂ©rin, is a vaccine for tuberculosis and is administered at birthContinue reading “9 April 2020 – Thursday – #25”

5 April 2020 – Sunday – #21

Where are we today? What’s next? While most of Asia is going back to work and Europe is seeing the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, the United States, Africa, India, Russia, and the rest of the Americas are just getting started. Most countries had less than perfect responses to Covid-19. Germany hasContinue reading “5 April 2020 – Sunday – #21”

30 March 2020 – Monday – #15

Today’s entry is a Tale of Two Cities and then a Tale of Two Videos and then a Tale of Two Covid-19 statistics and then a Tale of Two Followups. But before I get in-two all that, I want to talk about me me me. It could have been the warm Spring weather yesterday thatContinue reading “30 March 2020 – Monday – #15”