8 April 2020 – Wednesday – #24

Seeing laundry out to dry is normal in Barcelona. It doesn’t matter what kind of neighborhood. I’ve used the secadora every time I’ve done my wash. It’s a bad American habit I haven’t been able to shake. Until yesterday. I finally hung my laundry out to dry yesterday. It was nice to watch it dry.Continue reading “8 April 2020 – Wednesday – #24”

5 April 2020 – Sunday – #21

Where are we today? What’s next? While most of Asia is going back to work and Europe is seeing the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, the United States, Africa, India, Russia, and the rest of the Americas are just getting started. Most countries had less than perfect responses to Covid-19. Germany hasContinue reading “5 April 2020 – Sunday – #21”

2 April 2020 – Thursday – #18

Public transit is free in Barcelona! Now, if I could just use it. The transit system is free until 9 April and, to avoid a fine, riders need proof that they are on their way to an essential job or a doctor. Yesterday I mentioned that Spanish gasoline consumption is down 83%, which is easyContinue reading “2 April 2020 – Thursday – #18”