7 April 2020 – Tuesday – #23

Let’s start with data. Spain’s overall mortality report is useful for seeing Covid-19 deaths in relation to all deaths. Deaths have been far above normal for about a three week period starting just before the 15 March shutdown. The steep drop off at the end of this chart is due to regions that haven’t reported,Continue reading “7 April 2020 – Tuesday – #23”

6 April 2020 – Monday – #22

Today’s diary entry is simple because today I’m trying to finish Dear Mustafa, my second novel. I’m copying and pasting three pieces. First a letter from novelist Francesca Melandri who’s been locked down in Rome. It’s a letter from your future if you’re about to or have just started isolation. Next is a set ofContinue reading “6 April 2020 – Monday – #22”

31 March 2020 – Tuesday – #16

Will the US Covid-19 response be worse than Italy’s? There are new data points since I estimated US Covid-19 mortality a few days ago. It’s not good news. The Chinese Covid-19 death toll may be ten times higher than officially reported based on cremation activity in the area. Reports that Wuhan residence were paid forContinue reading “31 March 2020 – Tuesday – #16”