6 April 2020 – Monday – #22

Today’s diary entry is simple because today I’m trying to finish Dear Mustafa, my second novel. I’m copying and pasting three pieces. First a letter from novelist Francesca Melandri who’s been locked down in Rome. It’s a letter from your future if you’re about to or have just started isolation. Next is a set ofContinue reading “6 April 2020 – Monday – #22”

18 March 2020 – Wednesday – #3

Yesterday I became a hamster, walking 5,000 steps on the terrace. It was boring, but I have to admit it felt great. During my walk, I waved to my neighbor who was also becoming a hamster on her terrace across the street. She said something encouraging in Spanish that I didn’t understand. I yelled backContinue reading “18 March 2020 – Wednesday – #3”

17 March 2020 – Tuesday – #2

The Spanish government reports 11,178 cases of Coronavirus, and 491 dead. I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about how to go outside. This isn’t the way I expected to spend my time when I moved to Barcelona.  I read two pieces on Covid-19 prophylaxis, one is extremely thorough with instructions including the useContinue reading “17 March 2020 – Tuesday – #2”